What can you do wrong when planning and how can you avoid it?

You always know better in hindsight. But how about if your already before wedding planning know how you can best avoid wedding stress? Then be sure to read the following 10 tips the Wedding planner Sarah Kiehl through!

to saveWhat can you do wrong when planning and how can - What can you do wrong when planning and how can you avoid it?

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1. Start planning early!

Start planning early and bring your confidants on board who support you with the planning!

2. Asks for recommendations

Do you have one or the other couple in your circle of friends who have already married? Then ask! Recommendations are real time savers!

3. Get professional help!

Do you know in advance that the planning might be a bit much for you? Then professional help is needed. Whether you need a wedding planner from AZ to help you plan your wedding, or whether wedding coaching provides the necessary support. It is important that you feel safe in the planning.

4. Take your time when choosing the “right” service provider!

Take your time when choosing the “right” service provider. Compares the different appearances on the web, does the imagery match? Read reviews and pay attention to authentic texts from customers.

5. Don’t let yourself be put under pressure!

Don’t let friends and family pressure you! It’s your wedding! Other opinions are often helpful, but should not unsettle you.

At the beginning of the planning, your guest list is usually much longer than the actual number of guests you wish for! Do you have to invite all relatives and acquaintances? No!

Think carefully about who you would like to see in your pictures in 20 years, or who just had an invitation in their mailbox out of politeness?

7. Keep an eye on the budget!

Keep your budget in the eye, be realistic about your ideas and later implementation. Think about yours “Must have” & “Nice to have”. Whether fine wines or high-quality champagne? This gives you an overview of the more exclusive details of your wedding in advance.

8. What must absolutely not be missing during the planning?

A folder or notebook in which you write down your ideas, visions and wishes. You can’t keep everything in your head with a plan that can take 12-18 months.

9. The right communication

Communication, a point that can make planning considerably easier. As a bridal couple, the preparation is often associated with tension. Talk about it! Let your partner participate in the chaos of feelings. The first “rehearsal” in the marriage is already pending: planning the wedding together! ?

10. Enjoy your day!

Enjoy your day and don’t worry about the little things. Is there something different on the spot on the day of the wedding than discussed in advance? Hey, that’s not bad at all!

Sarah Kiehl: “As I always say to my bridal couples: The only ones who know are us ? DThe guests do not know whether the tablecloth should be white or blue..”

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