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DIY – How to dry your bouquet properly

Would you like to keep a special bouquet as a memento or always supply your vase with decorative flowers without changing them every week? Then dried flowers are just right for you. Here we show you how you can easily prepare flowers yourself for eternity.

Hang flowers upside down

With this method you can let both single flowers and whole bouquets dry without much effort. It is best to hang your flowers in a dry, dark place, because there they have the best conditions to be preserved. This type of drying is particularly popular for bridal bouquets. It is especially important that the flowers are hung upside down as early as possible after the wedding, because on the wedding day they have already experienced a lot and have to endure a lot. Perhaps a best man or bridesmaid can do this important job for you.

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Press flowers in the book

DIY How to dry your bouquet properly - DIY - How to dry your bouquet properly

This variant is best for blooms or individual flowers. The most important thing is that the flowers are relatively flat so that the pressing can be carried out successfully and there are no nasty surprises when you see the result. To do this, place the flowers between absorbent paper, such as newspaper or kitchen paper. Then you put the paper with the flowers in a thick, heavy book and weigh it down with additional books. The whole process takes about 3 weeks, but you can change the paper after a week to get the best possible result. If the flowers are almost transparent when you hold them up to the light, then they are done. Now you can design the dried flowers in a picture frame, for example.

Combine dried flowers and fresh flowers in a bouquet

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Mixed bouquets of dried flowers and fresh flowers are particularly modern in 2021. If you want to jump on this trend, there is one important aspect to keep in mind:
The dried flowers must not come into permanent contact with water. A good way to solve this problem is to place a vase in the vase, in which the dried flowers are protected from the wet and the fresh flowers can still drink enough to stay beautiful for a long time. Another possibility is to use small water tubes (so-called eprovettes) for the fresh flowers.

Do you now also feel like drying your own flowers at home? This colorful bouquet from our online shop is perfect for this DIY project. We wish you lots of fun!

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